Our Code of Coduct

Döhler Group (“DÖHLER”) is committed to respect and promote principles on human rights, labour law and environmental protection and to operate in accordance with internationally recognised standards concerning these topics.

Our Internal Code of Conduct sets the standard for our behaviour towards colleagues, business partners and the public, and provides mandatory, worldwide guidelines for acting within the law and in an ethically responsible way within our company. We are committed to acting long-term and with sustainability in mind. We take responsibility for addressing economic, social and environmental obligations and challenges .

In addition to compliance with legal requirements, DÖHLER is committed to the behavioural principles described in our Fundamentals. Each of us is personally responsible for complying with the standards of our Code of Conduct, corporate policies, applicable local laws and Fundamentals.

The Code of Conduct is applicable to all DÖHLER employees worldwide, and employees companies of which DÖHLER has a joint or minority ownership. 

This compliance hotline offers you the opportunity to raise your concerns anonymously. It is provided by an external provider to ensure confidentiality. The hotline is available to all DÖHLER employees as well as third parties.

See the FAQ’s for more information.

DÖHLER does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who reports in good faith any observed, or suspected, illegal or unethical behavior, or Code of Conduct related policy violations. This hotline must not be misused to deliberately provide false or defamatory information. 

You can use the "Submit Report"  button to give a hint or to seek the advice of a trusted person.

How our whistleblower system protects you

  • The system is like a locker, accessible from two sides.
  • Your details and files are transmitted encrypted.
  • We do not collect and receive any data for your identification.
  • A technical tracing to you is not possible.

See also Rules of Procedure